We are providing free access to all our threat reports and related discussions for this and other widespread threats as a service to the industry and any impacted organizations. Access our Active Exploits Discussion/Recommendations forum. All related threat reports and discussion items will be posted to these threads.

    We all need to work together to help businesses better understand the threat landscape and prepare for attacks, current and future.
  • ATTENTION Members:

    Gradient MSP's new Alerts Module, which launched earlier this week, is now available to CompTIA ISAO members. If you are a Gradient partner, you will be able to view Threat Reports directly within available PSAs.

    Read the full announcement here, and we will be posting a recording of the technical webinar here soon showing the importance of why this matters and how to setup the integration.
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Thanks to the suggestion of CompTIA ISAO member @Ben Nowacky, we are opening up this thread to discuss any matter related to planning, posture, preparedness, communications and if necessary, response to protect our businesses through this current holiday season. Please chime in with how your organization is handling coverage through the holidays in light of the significant warnings of increased cybersecurity threats this year, not to mention the current Log4j situation.

With regard to CompTIA, I can share with you that we will be closing our offices at noon tomorrow, Wednesday, December 22nd and will be on our official annual break until Tuesday, January 4th. Obviously, in light of current circumstances, our cybersecurity teams will be on a heightened alert and operating in a monitor and respond mode. This includes our cyber analysts for the CompTIA ISAO. While we are officially closed, we will be closely monitoring current and potential events and will be posting alerts and updates here in the Cyber Forum. Anything related to Log4j will be posted to the Log4j Vulnerability Information thread that has been active since this broke out. Any new issue, will be discussed here in this thread, which will remain open to the public through the holidays as well.

Thank you all for your diligence and your sharing with the entire community, now and throughout the year. Here's hoping that we are all able to enjoy a quiet end of the year without any additional threats to respond to. As always, your CompTIA ISAO is here to support you any way you can, so please let us know how we can help if you need it.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, if you celebrate, and a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Stay Safe,

MJ and the Entire CompTIA Team
Thanks for starting MJ! Like my mom said you have to have a lot of ideas to have a good idea, so thanks for entertaining.

To the ISAO members and vendors, I'm hoping this will be a quiet weekend, but was hoping to establish this channel to aid in communication information sharing should anyone start to see wider exploits in the wild over the holiday weekend so we can all help alert customers/partners and protect ourselves.

Look forward to NOT hearing from anyone =)
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